From Street Thug To Role Model

(The Death Vow Of Life)

When the wrong decision is the only choice you have, you either become the bad guy or lay down and die. Which would you do? 

Jermaine Andre

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What People Are Saying:

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    Sean Wade

    St. Louis, MO Police Offer
    Team Bully Response Squad Founder

    What I can write about the amazing relationship Jermaine and I have shared over the years, is being loyal, dedicated and stands the test of time.  Jermaine and I knew of each other over the years of bumping into one another at gyms, or clubs around St. Louis.  He knew I was a police officer and I knew he was a (bad ass) martial arts fighter, but we’ve always shared a deep mutual respect for each other. However, when we decided to join forces to tackle the issue of bullying in 2010, it’s been all hands on deck. Whenever we had to join together to help kids, we did it.  His unselfishness allowed bullied victims to come to school for classes, help improve their self-esteem, and rebuild them without asking for a dime shows his true passion and heart to help others.

    We traveled to Statesboro, Ga to help another bullied victim one time. This teenager had already attempted to take her life twice and was cutting herself. When it was time for this intervention, Jermaine wasn’t able to make it because he was already booked.   Another team member and I rented a car and was off for the next lifesaving mission.  Low and behold Jermaine called the next day and said, “I’m at the airport in Atlanta come pick me up.” Wow! How awesome to make the trip in spite of all his commitments. Jermaine took his time, trained, mentored, and showed Ce-Ce (bully victim) the proper foods to eat, to lose weight and become a better human being.  Even though Jermaine took a plane into town, he was humble enough to ride back home in the rental car with us.  Two warriors standing together to save lives and stop bullying!

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    Kevin Newcombe

    St. Louis Metro Police Officer

    It's amazing to see how one man started out with so little and achieve so much. Through hard work, dedication and discipline Jermaine has accomplished his dream of being a champion in and out of the ring.

    His book tells of ups, downs and how hard the road is to achieving your goals. If you stay dedicated and focused you can turn your life around and accomplish anything.

  • Diana Quelly-Berge 

    Licensed Addictions Therapist and Professional Counselor by the State of Wyoming

    Muay Thaiger chronicles Jermaine Andre’s journey to Redemption. A Warrior emerged from the harsh realities of youth and years of incarceration in the dark forest on someone, else’s path. Jermaine found his own path as a warrior and became a hero on the journey.

    Today’s world of uncertainty is often littered with fallen and wounded students, colleagues, and clients. I found hope and strength in Muay Thaiger. Jermaine Andre’s statement, “…In a world where we are encouraged to lie about who we are so we can fit in and survive, it could be considered insane for one to be truthful with others and even himself…” inspires me to be more honest. Our world needs authentic warriors to stand up and return to the circle. Who is Muay Thaiger?

    Muay Thaiger is as Jermaine states, “…simply the brothers of each other who were willing to sacrifice our lives to study and learn the martial arts…”. These men become warriors and heroes. I recommend this read for anyone who wants to understand the biological psychological sociological process of change.

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So What’s The Book About?

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. If you stand strong on what you believe and it is righteous, the world that is against you will turn to stand behind you.
  2. Courage and confidence will help you to survive, live and succeed.
  3. Through the acceptance of death, true life can be found.
  4. A person who can be THE ONE to destroy all, can be converted to be THE ONE who saves all when groomed properly by others.

About The Author

I was inspired to write Muay Thaiger because I felt that my life experiences could aid others in not only in making positive choices when faced with hardships, but also with making compassionate and honorable decisions towards others.  Muay Thaiger fortunes the reader with the story of my life that proves that people do not differ because of skin color, age, culture, sex, or any of the reasons that people choose to judge and hate each other.  It also shows that we can make daily decisions that can launch us to the top of the class even when we make mistakes that put us beneath other's feet.  

Muay Thaiger has the power to not only entertain the reader with true stories but, it has the power of inspiring readers to believe in themselves and others while staying dedicated to a mission..  Muay Thaiger is equipped to reach and excite teenage youth and young adults with the weapon of "Street Cred" and my world traveled fighting abilities.  My background is the kind that youth "want" to hear about while putting the question in their mind of, "Why did he decide to be a good guy when he had good reasons to be bad?"


Mr. Andre's appearances & programs not only boost confidence and educate in awarness & personal protection, they teach leadership, respect and team pride to participants. Use his persona of confidence, passion and compassion to lead and unite your family, friends, workers, associates etc... in a powerful & positive direction, all while experienceing the most exhilirating time of your lives!


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Get Access to 21 Free Chapters Out Of 104 Total Chapters From My Autobiography Book Titled Muay Thaiger.  

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